About the Book: Black in Blue

Black in Blue is a collection of photos and articles that commemorate some of the accomplishments of African Americans in law enforcement, who were primarily in the Philadelphia Police Department.

The first four Black in Blue were hired by the Philadelphia Police Department in 1881. They were: Charles K. Draper, Louis W. Carroll, Alexander G. Davis, and Richard Colwell.

By 2016, the Philadelphia Police Department had its 5th top Black in Blue. The top position is Commissioner, and the five Black in Blue as of 2016 were: Willie L. Williams, Richard Neal, Sylvester M. Johnson, Charles Ramsey, and Richard Ross (current).

The book Black in Blue is published is a scrapbook format. It contains an array of photos, articles, and other media that tells the story of the 135 year journey of Black in Blue from 1881 to 2016. Get your copy now so that you can walk the beat with these trail blazing men and women!